Новости компании

New mobile «Geolife» app is already in Play Market!
09.06.2016 / Company news

GK  «Geolife» Ltd. and   NAVITEL®  proudly announce the new mobile ANDRIOD app . With the mobile app ANTIUGON® users can fully enjoy the additional comfort of the  programm «Navitel Monitoring».

GK"Geolife" Ltd. provides GLONASS monitoring of the  youth patriotic expedition "PEOPLE MEMORY WATCH (VIEW FROM SPACE)" in the cities of military glory.
27.04.2016 / Company news
The Phase I of the Youth patriotic expedition "PEOPLE WATCH MEMORY (VIEW FROM SPACE)" will start in Moscow
The Holy Giving Fire Pass is for all world!
25.04.2016 / Company news
Today is the first day of Passion Week. All Orthodox Christians look forward to the Light Holy Saturday and prepar for light of Christ's Resurrection, or Easter.
The group of Companies "Geolife" received state accreditation
21.03.2016 / Company news
In accordance with the regulations on state accreditation of organizations operating in the field of information technology, approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated November 6
"Geolife" announces a tender for the development of the exhibition stand
25.02.2016 / Company news

The group of companies "Geolife" announces a tender for the project development and construction of the exhibition stand for participation in X International navigation forum "Navitech-2016".

Customers “Geolife" under the protection of VTB Insurance and GLONASS
11.02.2016 / Company news

The group of companies "Jolif" in partnership with VTB Insurance has released a line of multi-brand products on the basis of modern technologies GLONASS. 

Counting theft  - 2015. The results of the year
05.02.2016 / Company news

On the actual data on the beginning of 2016 the number of car thefts continues to grow steadily. In order to objectively evaluate this trend, we should pay attention to the market of new and used cars. 

Buy in one click at the Geolife online store!
29.01.2016 / Company news
The group of companies "Geolife" is glad to inform you about opening own online store. Buy new "Geolife" systems in just one click here. 
Get up to 20% discount on travel on the highway M-4 "Don"
19.01.2016 / Company news
The group of companies "Geolife" offers its Customers to get discount up to 20% on the toll road section of the highway M-4 "Don"*. This was made possible thanks to a transponder, a special electronic device, which is included in each set of "Geolife" Anti-threft systems **. 
Team “Geocode” is a winner in a special nomination 2015
17.12.2015 / Company news
The top management of the Group of companies "Geolife" participated in the national summit "Open data – 2015"
Team "Geolife" advanced to the second round of the national competition
04.12.2015 / Company news

Group of companies "Geolife" advanced to the second stage of the all-Russian competition for IT developers "Open data of the Russian Federation". 

The new CEO will lead the Geolife team
12.11.2015 / Company news

Group of companies “Geolife" announces the appointment of Evgeny S. Kudinov to the position of Chief Executive Officer of Group of companies. 

«New Star racing team» is a Champion again!
12.11.2015 / Company news

"New Star racing team" took part in the Royal ocean racing Offshore UIM Class-1 Championship in Abu Dhabi. Traditionally, the Group of companies "Geolife” acted as a technological partner of the team "New Star racing team".

Mazda is the most stolen car in the last few months
30.10.2015 / Company news

According to analysts of the Group of companies "Geolife" Mazda became the most stolen car brand over the last few months. But Honda CRV continues to attract the interest of attackers – it is in second place in our ranking of hijackings.

Group of companies “Geolife” and NAVITEL® integrated systems of transport online monitoring and control.
30.10.2015 / Company news

Group of companies "Geolife" and NAVITEL® has signed a cooperation agreement. Currently, the joint work on the integration of security and search and monitoring systems for various types of transport and mapping software "NAVITEL.Monitoring".

"Geolife" will take part in all-Russian competition for IT developers "Open data of the Russian Federation"
25.09.2015 / Company news
The group of companies "Geolife" is invited to participate in the national competition for IT developers "Open data of the Russian Federation".

Unique discounts only for Customers of "Geolife"
25.09.2015 / Company news

Group of companies "Geolife" issued Client cards of the new type with new features for its Customers.

Methods of increasing the efficiency of use of budgetary funds discussed online
22.09.2015 / Company news

Chief executive officer of “Geolife” Anatoly Kurmanov took part in the online session of the All-Russia People’s Front "For fair procurement". The event took place on 22 September 2015.

The new product line of "Geolife" will soon be on sale!
17.09.2015 / Company news

 "Geolife" announces the release of a new products ANTIUGON® for three types of vehicles:

New project of "Geolife" will be discussed at the Ilya Lagutenko Bar
03.09.2015 / Company news

 CEO of "Geolife" Anatoly Kurmanov will speak at the first start-up show – the most ambitious entertainment and educational event of the year.