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Customers of “Geolife” drive on the toll road without waiting in line
17.08.2015 / Company news

Clients of the Group of companies "Geolife" can freely pass through the toll sections of the road M-4 "Don". This became possible thanks to a special device – the transponder. Now it is included in each kit of anti-theft systems "Geolife", regardless of modifications. 

The system Geolife Auto on the territory of the Republic of Crimea operate in full mode
21.07.2015 / Company news

We are pleased to inform our Customers that the system Geolife Auto on the territory of the Republic of Crimea operate in full mode, as well as throughout the Russian Federation. 

Group of companies “Geolife" improves the quality of customer service
07.07.2015 / Company news

We are pleased to inform you that in the central office of Group of Companies “Geolife” at Dobrolyubova st., 14A, installed information-payment video terminal BigPad, the purpose of which is to improve the quality of customer service. If You need to contact the "Sberbank" or learn something new on the Common Government Services Portal of Russian Federation, You will be able to make it through BigPad. Operator will answer you instantly, avoiding long menu with answering machine you encounter, turning to a bank or a Government Services Portal by phone.

Representatives of the Group of companies "Geolife" attended the Partner conference of the company Cellocator
18.06.2015 / Company news

Representatives of the Group of companies "Geolife" attended the Partner conference of the company Cellocator (a division of the Pointer), which recently ended in Berlin.

«Geolife» Auto lowers the statistics of car thefts in Russia
03.06.2015 / Company news

Car theft in Russia – not a new problem. According to a report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, for four months of 2015 more than 20 thousand cases were registered.

Information technology in transport. Development trends.
18.05.2015 / Company news
May 14, 2015, in Moscow, in terms of the exhibition "Electronics-Transport 2015" was held an Information technology day dedicated to the theme of passenger transport, in particular on improving safety and quality of passenger service.
The Russian team of water-motor sport is a champion in Formula-2 class
08.05.2015 / Company news
1-2 May 2015 French city  - Rouen took on legendary  water-motor "24 Hours of Rouen" race. This competition is an analog of "24 Hours of Le Mans" car race and has been held for the 52th consecutive year.
Results of the of satellite navigation week-2015
28.04.2015 / Company news
Satellite navigation week 2015 has ended, in which the group of companies "Geolife" together with technology partners presented the Regional navigation and information system of new generation.
"Geolife" will take part in the largest trade fair "Navitech-2015"
21.04.2015 / Company news
Group of companies "Geolife", a leading integrator of geoinformation and satellite telematic solutions, will present the Regional navigational and information system of the new generation at the "Navitech-2015." The event will be held April 22-23 in "Expocentre".
Project “Path of the Holy Fire” has attracted more than 1 million people
17.04.2015 / Company news
The Holy Fire has been delivered to thousands of parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia and other countries of the world. The charity project of Geolife Group of companies, supported by the Foundation of
St. Andrew allowed to track the path of the Holy Fire in real-time mode. This year – 53 cities in Russia and 11 abroad.
GLONASS will track the path of the Holy Fire on Cosmonautics Day
10.04.2015 / Company news
Today, delegation of St.  Andrew Foundation (FSP), including well-known public persons, left for Jerusalem in order to conduct the noble mission of delivering the Holy Fire to Russia. Millions of faithful people watch the path of this Orthodox shrine via TV.
GLONASS will track the path of the Holy Fire
06.04.2015 / Company news
The unique project of Geolife Group «Path of the Holy Fire» will be launched on April 11, 2015. Millions of people inspired by their faith will be able to monitor the path of the Holy Fire from Moscow throughout the territory of Russia and nearby countries in real-time mode.
Car theft statistics for the 1st quarter of 2015 – tendency remains the same
30.03.2015 / Company news
According to analysis of «Geolife Group» experts, «HONDA CR-V» remains the most often stolen car during I quarter of 2015.
Paying for «Geolife» services has become easier and simpler!
27.03.2015 / Company news

On March 27, 2015 «Geolife Group» have signed partnership agreement with one of the leading Russian banks – LLC «SBERBANK».

«GEOLIFE» joined «SPC «RECOD» memorandum
18.03.2015 / Company news

On March 11, 2015, «Geolife Group» joined Memorandum on establishment of technological platform «Use of space activity results for the benefit of final consumers».

Integration of «Geolife» solutions with «GONETS» system launched
12.03.2015 / Company news

«Geolife Group» signed an agreement with LLC «GONETS» Satellite System» and launched testing of special satellite navigation and communication equipment and additional means of communication.

«Geolife» will introduce monitoring and security support satellite system for sea and river transport
05.03.2015 / Company news

Within the framework of «Moscow Boat Show 2015», «Geolife Group» along with «New Star Marine» will introduce unique antitheft complex Geolife Marine.

«Geolife» signed a contract with the Federal Custom Service
25.02.2015 / Company news

«Geolife Group» and the Federal Custom Service (FCS RF) signed a contract on fulfillment of works on configuration of users’ telematic terminals, mounted on the transport means of Central Customs Base.

Number of theft attempts will sufficiently increase in 2015
29.01.2015 / Company news

According to information from «Geolife Group» experts, number of theft attempts increased in January 2015 if compared with December 2014.