Geolife Engineering

What is it?

Within the framework of Geolife Engineering solution, «Geolife group» offers its customers a wide range of services on design and organization of various security systems for the benefit of commercial and governmental customers.

  • Participation in tender procedures
  • Implementation of high-scale projects within the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries
  • Cooperative participation in development, including performing of R & D (research and development projects)
  • Organization and support of services, including outsourcing in compliance with customers business interest
  • Optimization an implementation of logistical projects


  • Company has rich experience in implementation of federal projects, cooperation with law enforcement agencies, governmental and commercial entities in the following technical fields:
  • Design and development works (R & D)
  • Design, development of operational and executive documentation, software and testing methods
  • Development of technical solutions - R & D
  • Construction and installation, commissioning works (CIC)
  • Performance of installation works and systems configuration, integration and interoperability management
  • Programs and algorithms development, followed by testing
  • Implementation of prototyping, testing in conditions of demonstrational panel / laboratory
  • Creation of pilot zones, development and implementation of the MIT followed by commissioning
  • Project and program management
  • Calculation of project cost estimates
  • Organization of service works and outsourcing. Compliance with appropriate quality standards of performance and response (SLA)
  • Delivery and implementation of "customs operations" for materials, goods and equipment, including ability to import equipment and dual-use materials.

Engineering support systems

  • Electric power supply systems
    • External power supply systems
    • Onsite power supply systems
    • Internal power supply systems
    • Guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply systems and networks
    • Relay protection and automatic power supply systems
    • Grounding, lightning protection, potential equalization systems
    • Power equipment
    • Electric lightning
    • Outdoor lightning
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Structurized cable networks
  • Monitoring and control of engineering systems of buildings, facilities and operational environment
  • Access control systems for buildings and facilities
  • Engineering systems, clean room (filters, «consumables»), engineering systems support. 

Physical security systems for objects and perimeter

  • Circuit television system
  • Security systems and alarm systems
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance systems

Fire safety systems

  • Warning systems and evacuation (in-case of- fire) systems
  • Automatic water/gas fire-extinguishing systems
  • Smoke ventilation system
  • Automatic fire protection system

Informational security

  • Ensuring regulators standards and regulations conformity assessment
  • Servers and workstations safety solutions
  • Leaks of confidential information safety solutions
  • Systems and means of data encryption, antivirus, antispam
  • Unauthorized access safety systems
  • Centralized IS management
  • Applications and communication channels protection systems. Detection and prevention of network attacks, as well as network scanning and detection of suspicious activities
  • Protection of virtual machines against viruses and malware
  • Neutralization of vulnerability before the release, or without installing patches for operating systems and applications
  • Protection of web-applications against SQ-vulnerability without changing web-application codification
  • Control of files and folders integrity in real time mode

Infrastructural IT-support, networks and telecommunications

  • Corporate services and IT-infrastructure management
    • Monitoring and resource inventory system for IT-infrastructure
    • Computing resources monitoring and management system, providing required level of IT-services quality
    • Resource access management system
    • Integration of applications and Windows / UNIX software based platforms, postal services, portal technologies
    • Virtual environment for «Thin client» based CAD, VDI
    • Unified communication system
    • System of infrastructural migration and integration
  • Data processing centers and data storage facilities
    • High-performance computing platforms
    • Data storage and archiving solutions
    • Сore server software, operational systems, data storage optimization and virtualization
    • Cloud computing and services
    • Mobile, local, geographically distributed data center, including high-level accessibility, disaster-resistant data center
    • High-performance working stations (personal supercomputers)
  • Corporate networks and telecommunication services
    • Commutation and routing, traffic optimization
    • Data networking and data center network infrastructure
    • Network security
    • Unified communication services – teleconference systems,
    • PBXs, IP-telephony
    • Wi-Fi wireless networks
    • Trunking communication services
    • Videoconference and teleconference systems
    • Unified communications
    • Radio broadcast services

Systems of informational analysis

  • Business systems
    • Capital expenditures planning and monitoring system
    • Key business indicators monitoring system (KPI)
    • Project and program management system
    • Enterprise management systems of ERPand ERM class
    • Integrative system of business applications, creation of electronic archive and unified data storage, project documentation
    • Integrated document flow system, postal systems, portal technology
    • System of corporate applications integration, implementation of SOA methodology
    • Automatic corporate data management system (ECM).
  • Specialized technical and processing systems
    • Regulatory and reference documentation management systems (MDM system) and analytical systems based on enterprise data storage facilities
    • Construction documentation and product lifecycle management system (PLM)
    • CAD Integration System
    • Systems for processing and analysis of structurized and non-structurized information (Big Data)
    • Access control and confidential information management systems
    • System solutions domain description and data mapping (ETL-instrument)

Media systems

  • Professional display systems, multifunctional media panels
  • Media content management system
  • Concert and theatrical type sound amplification systems
  • Engineering support systems for conference rooms