Geolife Persona

What's this?

Geolife Person is system, able to track current location of Customer’s family members, children, special categories of people (including people with physical disabilities) and others, operating on newest GLONASS and GPS satellite technologies.



  • Request of person’s current location via call to the dispatch center
  • Control (monitoring) of person’s movement in real-time mode via mobile application (iOS, Android) and/or Customer’s personal account
  • Monitoring of person’s routes of movement via Customer’s personal account
  • Control and SMS and/or e-mail notification about entry/exit of geofence, specified by the Customer
  • Control and SMS and/or e-mail notification about speed and direction of movement of the object under control
  • Police response in emergency cases
  • Audio control of the area in person’s closest vicinity (additional service)
  • Control of battery charge level via mobile application (iOS, Android)
  • Control of personal account balance